Sources et Apps

Plusieurs Bases de données et d’outils Open source peuvent être utilisés lors de ce Hackathon. En voici, quelques exemples:

Il s’agit d’une Plateforme pour permettre aux citoyens de choisir leurs candidat(e)s et de co-construire les projets politiques. Avec un seul objectif : faire émerger collectivement les meilleures candidatures citoyennes pour les élections


  • First Question

First Question helps New Hampshire citizens ask candidates how they’re going to fix the system of corruption in Washington. The app lets volunteers video record answers and post them to a shared YouTube account.


  • Democracy Direct

This is an app for elected representatives and their constituents. The representative can send direct messages and polls to their constituents, and the constituents can vote on bills, set up filters about the issues they are interested in, and send messages back. When the time come for the rep to vote on a bill, everyone sees the outcome and it can be compared with the overall votes of the constituents. Each user also has a scorecard where they can see how good of a match their representative is for the constituent individually and for the district as a whole.


  • California Clean Money Campaign Projects


  • Madison


Madison is a free tool that helps elected officials and everyday Americans solve problems together. Elected officials post drafts of policy documents on the site so that you can weigh in and stay informed about the issues you care about most. Madison brings policymaking out into the open, and gives you a voice in your government and a way to hold it accountable.



  • WriteToThem

Allows UK citizens to contact their elected representatives.





  • Elections

 The Elections DemTool is a powerful system for compiling, managing, and analyzing citizen reports from an election monitoring mission.


  • Tunisia election data


  • List of the municipalities coordinates


  • Site Web Atide


  • Site Web Mourakiboun